Painter | Illustrator | Graphic Designer

I truly believe I was born to create. I feel like I am just the vessel, of what I need to share with this world. Like so many other artists I have so many ideas, I dream of completed paintings. I always say I hope I live to be 100, because I have so many paintings I still need to create! Some call painting a hobby... for me this is my soul's work. My spirit soars when my paintbrush meets the canvas! I've been drawing and creating since I was a little girl. I have dabbled in almost every medium of art. I find I can always come "home" to painting and drawing, maybe since they were my first sources of creating. I get lost and then found again in the process of creating... whether I'm creating a card illustration, making a dinner, designing an ad or taking a photograph. Art therapy I call it. I hope you can feel my passion in my work and I hope it inspires you in some way.


Find my art/cards at:

Lizzard's Art Gallery - 11 West Superior Street, Duluth MN

The Maple Grove Arts Center - 11666 Fountains Drive, Maple Grove, MN

The Red Mug - 916 Hammond Ave # 2, Superior, WI